Recently in Japan, ink for fountain pen is getting in popularity. Various fountain pen manufacturers and shops have launched their original ink named fashionably in so many colors.
 Some of these ink names express the characteristics of the local landscapes, scenes of the seasons, even the historic backgrounds of the region and so on.
  With respect of Kyoto, Japan, you can find 10 ink colors that Tag (Takagi Jimuki's shop ) launched this summer.
  This ink named "AONIBI" is one of my favorites among 10 TAG's Ink colors.
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 This is my pop-up toaster. I threw away the oven toaster that did well in the variety of my cooking for a long time. However, in a busy morning I can't make elaborate dish. This is one of the reasons I threw away the former one. The main reason I bought this new one is that pop-up toaster brings out nostalgic ambience in the room when it plunges into your sight. I surely guarantee you that a pop-up toaster in the room, not in the kitchen, makes your life rich.

  This is my latest and current cell phone, "iPhone6s." I got it on September 26. It's very cool and smart. I'm enjoying new functions both for business and personal use.



  - at Mister Donut |ミスタードーナッツにて -

 At Mister Donut where I often come on the way home from work, especially after having an awful experience. I don't want to show my grim face to my family, so I take a break for a change, drinking a coffee. It's very cheap.
 I uploaded the picture to my Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook today.

 仕事帰りにミスタードーナッツでコーヒーを飲みながら、気分転換します。嫌なことがあった時は、険しい顔のまま家に帰るよりここで一息入れてから帰った方が良いってというのが私の方法です。      インスタグラム  ピンタレスト  フェイスブック

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