Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pen - Black

    - I prefer "Rembrandt" Christie" Edition -

  Recently Visconti changed the logo mark from the black to silver color on the characteristic arched clip.  I prefer the old logo mark because it's one of the accent and contrast of the Visconti fountain pen.  So I'm lucky I bought the two Visconti fountain pens with black logo on the clip.

  Now I introduce Visconti Rembrandt black edition.  It is often compared with Visconti Van Gogh which has dodecahedron or much more recesses and projections ( I don't know exactly).  Van Gogh looks a little more gorgeous than Rembrandt because of the color and names such as "Iris", "Vincent Chair" and "Self-Portrait" and so on.
  Rembrandt series have neither such fascinate names nor recess and projection cut on the body of fountain pen, just have names of color and column shapes.  However, the colors of Visconti Rembrandt originate from his oil paintings.  How humble it is! I love the way such humble and modesty names Visconti adopts.

  Rembrandt is beautiful pen just as Van Gogh that's a little more expensive.  Rembrandt has the same magnetic post cap system as Van Gogh. I'd never experienced such convenient cap system.  All you need is to just put the cap into the barrel and the magnet closes the cap automatically.  What a convenient cap!
  Then about writing touch, it's very smooth and slippery writing more than I expected. My Rembrandt is almost black but has white marble pattern that I love. The Rembrandts are probably made out of translucent plastic sleeve that's painted on the inside. The size is good, not too narrow not too thick.
  Only the drawback is that Rembrandts have no ink converter in the box, I mean, you have to buy the converter if you need. I ordered it at the retailor and got it.  Anyway Rembrandt is in my daily carrying pen case, I like it so much.

    - ヴァン・ゴーよりレンブラント -



 <樋口一葉 「宇(う)き名をば 惜しむあまりに今はただ 逢ふ由もなくなりに遣(け)るか那(な)」>
    <インク:ビスコンティ・ブルー>     LamyStudio11.jpg

 しかし、書いて驚くのは、スチールとは思えないほどのヌラヌラ感がある。書いていて気持ちが良い。 また、ブラックだが、光の当たり方でマーブル模様が邪魔にならない程度に浮き上がるのも綺麗で、飽きさせない。


■ ペン先 : スチールペン先 /  文字幅 : F
■ 機構  : カートリッジ/コンバーター両用式 コンバーター別売)
■ 仕様  : マグネティックロック採用
■ 素材  : レジン
■ 長さ  : 約140mm(収納時)  約/160mm(筆記時)  軸径最大:約13mmφ
■ キャップ径 : 最大:約14.5mmφ (クリップを除く)
■ 重さ  : 約32g
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