Pelikan M120 Green-Black

  - Pelican sent me an article concerning M120 -

  I bought this fountain pen, M 120 Green-Black Pelikan, one day just around two years ago in the early summer, 2016. I knew the Pelikan would launch a retro design pen that would be a facsimile edition of the old M120 the Pelikan put out into the world for the first time.
  Because I've never seen the old model, 1955 M120, it is still uncertain that the new model is the exactly the same as the old one. GreenB;ack10.jpg But according to the article sent from the Pelikan on the Internet, they would reprint the old M120 with the same design, material, and gold plate stainless steel nib.

  Only the differences are that they would adopt piston inhale mechanism and engrave the pattern of 1889 price catalog on the nib plate. Anyway I got to know all about this in the spring of 2016 and completely was fascinated with shape, form and the two-tone color, green and black. What a beautiful and lovely pen!
  I waited impatiently the day I would see and buy (probably). If the writing condition of the pen is too bad to buy, all I should do is to just resign. That's all. However, I was not afraid about that. It's "Pelikan".
  At last I met the M120 Green-Black at the pen shop. It was just as expected, no, more than as expected. I tested the writing condition of EF nib. It was good. And as I expected I bought it. From then, I use it in my daily life, writhing diary, taking note of what I get interested in, calligraphy and so on.

    - レトロ感を醸し出す現代の万年筆 -


■ ペン先 : 24金プレートスチール /  文字幅 : EF
■ 機構  : 吸入式
■ 長さ  : 130mm(収納時) /  約150mm(筆記時)  軸径最大:約13mmφ
■ キャップ径 : 最大:約13mmφ (クリップを除く)
■ 重さ  : 約14g