Diabolo De Cartier Fountain Pen

    - Review of PEN -

I got this fountain pen almost one year ago at Shosai-Kan, Tokyo. At first, I must say this is a Montblanc's OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing). This is the last one you get in the form of brand new. I'd seen it before but I'd never thought to buy it because it's not piston filler but converter use. Just a simple reason. BUT I recognized the beauty of the pen.

I realize a pen is a tool, and that for many people the way it looks is more of a necessary but not sufficient condition for purchase. I get that. This pen is not a good example of that, however. I think you have to like the way it looks.


It's a good size and weight too. This is not a pen for posting, The resin section is comfortable enough. Just as an fyi, the nib is the same size as the 145 (albeit 18k rather than 14k) but the pen is as big as a 146. It is also single tone and not overly adorned. With the cap off, this is a surprisingly understated pen. Go figure.  What I think anyone can appreciate is how well this pen is made. The tolerances, the uniformity and the refinement on this pen are a different level for me. This is a clear step nicer than my 146. Its really nice and haptics alone on this pen almost justify its existence. I don't know the first thing about jewelry, so I have no idea if cartier jewelry is good or just a brand, but this pen is fantastic. 



 寂蓮法師 「村雨の 露もまたひぬ 真木の葉に霧立ちのぼる 秋の夕暮」 DECOBANDi