Ueshima Café, One of my instagram photos|上島珈琲 インスタグラムの写真

  Ueshima café at Kawara-machi, the downtown of Kyoto is one of my favorite cafés. You can take a rest and relax there with a cup of coffee. Every time I go shopping, I drop in coffee shop or café not because I feel tired but because it's my habit or tendency.  Sometimes before shopping, I go into a café. Ueshima café is the one I visit after shopping.
  The photo below is one of my instagram I submitted the other day.  You can see all photos by clicking the banner.

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My Pinterst Photos and Boards |ピンした写真とボード

 These are the photos I pinned up on my Pinterest boards.  The beauty of these photos fascinated me. Some of them are of my own taken.  You can see my Pinterest boards to click the banner, "See on Pinterest" at the bottom of photos.  Maybe, some of them will fascinate you as well.

 ピンタレストのボードに私がピンした写真です。その美しさに思わずピンしました。自分が撮った写真もあります。 下の "See on Pinterest" というバナーをクリックすると私のピンタレ


Instagram |インスタグラム

 "Instagram" is, originally and basically, an application for smartphone like iPhone for sharing pictures and videos with friends, families and other people. However, it became one of the websites for PCs these days. You can see various pictures the instagram users posted. It's very fun to see them.  The picture below is my zippo lighter which is a limited edition I bought 30 years ago. I posted the picture below to my instagram today.

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Pinterst |ピンタレスト

  Recently, I got interested in "Pinterst." I recommend you joining in the Pinterst web site. I'm sure you can find beautiful things with beautiful photos like me and you'll get another hobby.

 きっと綺麗な写真を見て、綺麗なものが見つかりますよ。そして、新しい趣味が一つ増えるかもしれまんね。    ⊂ jp.pinterest.com ⊃