Montblanc Special Edition Heritage Rouge & Noir "Black" Fountain Pen

    - Real Heritage collection -

 Montblanc says concerning this black edition on the web site as below:
  When it was developed in 1906, the 'Rouge et Noir' exclusive fountain pen was considered an outstanding technical achievement, ensuring simple operation without the need for dipping the nib into an inkwell. The Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir celebrates the 110-year-old pioneering spirit of Montblanc. Reinterpreting the legendary writing instrument, it features a longer, slimmer silhouette, modern piston filler technology and craftsmanship refined over generations. The exclusive fountain pen's barrel is made of black precious lacquer combined with black precious resin cap. Snake Clip in vintage look with matching fittings. The clip is made by a stamping and winding process in a special alloy metal, and is aged by a unique galvanic and stripping process.
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 And I say:
  Montblanc's Rouge et Noir pens, part of the Heritage collection, take us back in time to one of their first pens to ever hit the market,110 years ago in 1906! In 1906, pens were still mostly manufactured from ebonite (hard rubber). The current re-issue is divided in three 'tiers', two special editions made from precious resin, and a limited edition in hard rubber.
  Both the black and red version of the Rouge et Noir are completely identical when it comes to the general design, but the small details are what sets them apart. The skinny, not-all-too-long design is typical for vintage pens. The color ways are also based on vintage pens, the black resin version has a coral red cap finial with a slightly off-white Montblanc star emblem embedded in it.
  Both color ways of coral red and black have a very vintage look and feel to them, both because of the overall design, and the materials used. The coral red resin plays a pretty big role in the appearance of the pen, even on the black version.
  The most prominent design feature is of course the snake clip wrapped around the top of the cap. It's a big part of the marketing around this pen, and with reason because it's the first thing you notice about the Rouge et Noir. It's quite a stand-out feature, but definitely in a good way. The metal clip has a weathered appearance (similar to aged silver, yet it's not a silver clip) which is achieved through specialized galvanizing methods (according to the MB website).

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  Vintage pens that are usually not as large as modern ones. In that regard, Montblanc did a good job recreating the vintage design.
   The skinny profile, especially at the section where it's not much thicker than a wood-cased pencil, might put some people off.  Being a special edition pen, I think most people would expect something a bit larger.
  To my surprise, these versions are actually piston fillers. Being so slender and relatively small, I can imagine the ink capacity won't be much to write home about, and there's no ink window to keep track of how much ink is left.
  The Rouge et Noir is by no means heavy, but it definitely feels solid in the hand, despite the smaller size.
  To make up for the size, Montblanc once again delivers with a beautiful nib design. With the grand theme obviously being the snake, the 14k gold nib features a minimalistic depiction of a snake head.
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  Apart from the nib, another feature that shows upon uncapping the pen, is the metal grip section. It has a brushed finish that actually doesn't feel slippery while writing, and the threads are at the front of the section, instead of at the transition from section to barrel, which makes it a rather comfortable pen to hold, despite the lack of girth.
  The design is refreshing, something that stands out from the current selection of modern pens, and with a strong nod to vintage design.

    - ブラック・エディション -

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  I never wanted to weigh more heavily on a man than a bird. - Coco Chanel -
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■ ペン先 : 14金  /  文字幅 : M
■ 機構  : ピストン吸入式 / キャップ装着時 160mm  
■ 仕様  : レジン(樹脂) (キャプはしない仕様)
■ 長さ  : 約136.5m(収納時)  約127mm(本体のみ)  軸径最大:約10.5mmφ
■ キャップ径 : 最大:約10.5mmφ (クリップを除く)
■ 重さ  :  約35g 
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